World Bathing Day Date in the current year: June 22, 2024

World Bathing Day Bathing is more than just a personal hygiene practice; it is a culturally significant activity that spans centuries and continents. Bathe the World Foundation established World Bathing Day, observed annually on June 22, to celebrate the humanity’s connection to water through the practice of bathing and highlight the importance of access to clean bathing water.

It is hard to overestimate the importance of water and bathing. First and foremost, bathing is a sanitary practice that keeps us looking and feeling good, as well as plays a crucial role in preventing and controlling various diseases. Second, water is an important part of multiple religious and spiritual practices; it symbolizes purification, rejuvenation, and the eternal flow of life.

Communal bathing traditions that exist in various cultures bring people of different ages and backgrounds together, break down barriers, and strengthen communities. The practice of bathing can bring comfort during tough times, helps heal body and soul, and reminds us that the well-being of our communities and the well-being of the entire planet are connected through water. Sadly, one of three people in the world have restricted access to clean bathing water and basic hygiene and sanitation, which results in thousands of deaths caused by water-related diseases.

World Bathing Day was established in 2018 by Bathe the World Foundation, a foundation working in conjunction with the Global Wellness Institute to explore the benefits of bathing, promote them among the general public, and provide access to clean flowing water to people in all corners of the world. The observance celebrates bathing as a fun and pleasurable social activity that crosses cultural, religious, social and generational boundaries, shines a spotlight on humanity’s vital relationship with water, and raises awareness of a critical health issue that is access to clean bathing water.

There are many ways to get involved with World Bathing Day. The easiest one is to visit your favorite beach, sauna, hammam, pool, hot springs or any other bathing facility, take photos, and post them on social media with the hashtag #WorldBathingDay to spread the word. The observance is also a great incentive to learn more about the diverse rituals and traditions related to bathing and cleansing that exist in cultures and religious around the globe.

You also can join the Global Sound Bath, a musical event where artists team up with bathing locations and perform live for their communities. You can attend your local Global Sound Bath event if there is one near you or watch an online stream. Finally, one more way to observe World Bathing Day is to donate to Bathe the World Foundation or any nonprofit organization that works to provide access to clean water.

World Bathing Day should not be confused with International Bath Day. The latter is celebrated on June 14 to commemorate the day when Archimedes allegedly invented the method of calculating the volume of an irregularly shaped object by submerging it in water while he was taking a bath.

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