International Day of Families Date in the current year: May 15, 2024

International Day of Families International Day of Families is annually observed on May 15. This holiday was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993. The first observation took place on May 15, 1994.

Family plays an important role in the life of every person as well as the whole society. Observation of International Day of Families should raise awareness of issues that relate to families and increase knowledge, how different economic, demographic and social processes affect families.

Introduction of International Day of Families inspired many countries to organize national family days. Different events and activities may include radio and television programs, workshops and conferences, newspaper articles and cultural programs. All these events highlight relevant themes to the issues of family life.

Annual observation of International Day of Family has it's own theme, for instance, “Confronting Family Poverty and Social Exclusion”, “Fathers and Families: Responsibilities and Challenges”. The UN prepares background information on a chosen family issue, that can be used by the Governments to improve life of every family.

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