World Baking Day Date in the current year: May 19, 2024

World Baking Day The third Sunday of May is a perfect day to bake something delicious for the people you love because it is World Baking Day. The original intent behind the holiday was to bake a cake and give it to someone to let them know how much you care, but it has since evolved into making all kinds of baked goods.

In the broad sense of the term, baking is a method of food preparation that uses dry heat. It is usually done in an oven, but in ancient times, it was done on hot stones or in hot embers or ashes. Although all types of food can be baked, the term “baked goods” refers to products made from dough or batter such as bread, brownies, cakes, cookies, crackers, pastries, pies, pretzels, scones, tarts, quiches, and more.

Baking has existed for over 14,000 years. As we’ve already mentioned, the first bread-liked baked goods were baked on hot stones, but archaeological evidence suggests that primitive ovens existed as early as 6,500 years ago. The ancient Egyptians knew how to bake yeast bread, the ancient Greeks invented enclosed ovens, and in the Roman Empire, the pastry cook was a separate profession – and a very respected one at that.

Baking, especially of bread, has a special cultural significance in many parts of the world. Baked goods are commonly served at various occasions, ranging from tea parties to formal events, and the smell of baked goods fresh from the oven often evokes a sense of security and comfort. While there is a wide range of commercially available breads and other baked goods, a lot of people love to bake as a hobby because it relaxes them, gives them an opportunity to bond with their family, or for a million other reasons.

Unilever launched World Baking Day in the early 2010s to promote its margarine products. Since 2012, it has been celebrated on the third Sunday of May. The official social media of accounts of World Baking Day have been inactive since 2015, but bakers around the globe still celebrate it every year.

As we’ve already mentioned, the original idea behind World Baking Day was to bake a cake for someone you love or care about. However, it doesn’t have to be a cake! You can bake anything you want, be it a cake, cookies, scones, muffins, cupcakes or something else, just don’t forget to share the baked goods you’ve made with your friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers.

World Baking Day is also a great day to get together with your friends for a tea party, bake-off or cookie decorating contest, teach your children how to bake, or experiment with new recipes and try to bake something you’ve never made before. And don’t forget to snap a photo of your baked goods and post it on social media with the hashtags #WorldBakingDay and #BakingDay to spread the word about the holiday and encourage your followers to bake something, too.

If you bake often, World Baking Day is a great excuse to splurge on top-shelf baking ingredients, new baking supplies, or that expensive recipe book you’ve been eyeing for quite some time. If you have no time or desire to bake at all, you can at least go to your favorite bakery and buy something special for yourself and your loved ones.

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