Children's Sunday in Tonga Date in the current year: May 5, 2024

Children's Sunday in Tonga In Kingdom of Tonga, the month of May is dedicated to family. The first Sunday in May is referred to as Children's Sunday, and the following two Sundays are celebrated as Mother's Day and Father's Day respectively.

Family and children have always played a crucial role in the Tongan society. Respect for family is an influential and vital aspect of every Tongan's life. Family is the central unit of Tongan life with a distinct hierarchy. Although children are below their parents and grandparents in the family hierarchy, they are treated with respect.

As everyday life in Tonga is heavily influenced by the Christian faith, Children's Sunday activities are held in churches throughout the country. On this day, children from Sunday schools and teenagers from Christian youth groups recite quotations from the Bible, present songs and dramas in both Tongan and English. Most Tongans attend church every Sunday, but Children's Sunday is a special day when peculiar services and other events are held. After returning from church, many families have a celebratory meal.

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