World Bartender Day Date in the current year: February 24, 2024

World Bartender Day World Bartender Day is a global celebration of bartenders and mixologists and their craft held annually on February 24. Its date was chosen to commemorate the founding anniversary of the International Bartenders Association.

Bartending is one of the world’s oldest professions, but it hasn’t been taken seriously until relatively recently. Historically, it was a profession with a low reputation; modern bartending, which is considered a creative occupation as far as the hospitality industry is concerned, began to emerge in the 19th century thanks to bartenders like Jerry Thomas, who is widely regarded as “the father of American mixology”, and Harry Johnson, the author of one of the first bartending manuals. Even today many people view bartending as a temporary job for students, although this perception has been changing over the past decades.

World Bartender Day was launched in 2018 by The Perfect Blend Cocktail Competition held in Australia and New Zealand. Its main purpose was to bring together bartenders from every region of the two countries and to celebrate bartenders and mixologists from all other the world. Since its inception, World Bartender Day has become truly global with events held in many countries around the globe.

As we’ve already mentioned above, World Bartender Day coincides with the founding anniversary of the International Bartenders Association (IBA). Founded on February 24, 1951, the IBA is a nonprofit international organization committed to uniting bartenders from all over the world and maintaining a high industry standard. It is perhaps best known for its lists of official cocktails which every bartender is expected to know.

On the occasion of World Bartender Day, industry members hold various events to celebrate the art and craft of bartending. Some of these events are designed to bring industry professionals together and give them an opportunity to exchange expertise and learn from each other; others are aimed at the general public, and their main goal is to encourage people to appreciate bartenders and their craft.

There are many ways to celebrate World Bartender Day. You can check out if there are any events happening near you, go out to your favorite bar and leave your bartender a generous tip, try a new cocktail (a good bartender will be able to suggest a drink based on the ingredients you like, whether you prefer sweet or sour cocktails, etc.), invite your friends over for a cocktail party and try your hand at making IBA official cocktails, and spread the word about the holiday on social media using the hashtag #WorldBartenderDay.

World Bartender Day should not be confused with Bartender Appreciation Day. The latter is celebrated mainly in the United States on the first Friday of December, falling close to and sometimes even coinciding with National Repeal Day that commemorates the repeal of Prohibition in the United States. Some bartenders also consider the feast day of Saint Amand (February 6) their professional holiday because he is venerated as the patron saint of winemakers, beer brewers, innkeepers and bartenders.

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