International Syrah Day Date in the current year: February 16, 2024

International Syrah Day International Syrah Day, also known as World Syrah Day, is celebrated annually on February 16. This holiday was created to honor one of the world’s most popular red wine grape varieties that is grown in wine regions around the globe.

Syrah, also known as Shiraz (primarily in Australia and South Africa), is a dark-skinned grape variety that is used primarily to produce medium to full-bodied red wines. Legends connect its name and origins with the Iranian city of Shiraz or the Sicilian city of Syracuse, but wines that made Syrah famous were those from the Rhône wine region of France.

Syrah wines produced in the commune of Tain-l’Hermitage attracted the attention of foreign wine connoisseurs in the 18th century. One of them was American statesman Thomas Jefferson, a noted gourmet and oenophile. In the early 19th century, Syrah vines were introduced to Australia, and several decades later, Syrah was an established grape variety in Australia.

Today, Syrah remains one of the main grapes in the Rhône wine region. It is also grown in many other wine-producing regions of the world; Syrah can be found in Argentina, Australia, Chile, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States (California and Washington). As we’ve already mentioned above, Syrah is used mainly to produce varietal and blended red wines, but smaller amounts of the grape are used to produce rosé wines, sparkling red wines, and Port-style fortified wines.

The taste and flavor profile of Syrah wines may vary greatly depending on the climate where the grapes are grown. Syrah wines produced in moderate climates tend to be medium to full-bodied, have medium-plus to high tannin levels, and notes of blackberry, black pepper, herbs, mint, plum, and smoky tobacco. Syrah wines produced in hot climates are more consistently full bodied, have softer tannins, and notes of allspice, anise, blueberry, clove, cocoa, licorice, earthy leather, and sweet tobacco.

Due to their versatility, Syrah wines can be paired with a wide range of foods and dishes. As a general rule, most Syrah wines pair well with grilled or roasted meat, bacon, salami, prosciutto, jamon, steak, grilled or seared tuna, grilled vegetables and mushrooms, and aged hard cheeses like Gouda, aged cheddar or Gruyère. You should avoid pairing Syrah with delicate dishes, seafood, white fish, and light salads because their flavors will be overwhelmed by the intensity of the wine.

The origins of International Syrah Day are unclear but it has been observed since at least 2016. Celebrate this amazing holiday by learning more about the famous grape variety and Syrah wines produced in different countries, buying a bottle of Syrah and sharing it with a friend, going out to a restaurant or a wine bar that serves Syrah wines, attending a wine tasting, wine and food pairing class or winery tour, and spreading the word about the holiday on social media with the hashtags #International Syrah Day and #SyrahDay.

International Syrah Day should not be confused with Shiraz Day. The latter is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of July and focuses on Australian Shiraz wines.

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