World Sound Healing Day Date in the current year: February 14, 2024

World Sound Healing Day World Sound Healing Day is observed annually on February 14. It was created to raise awareness about the healing power of sound and bring together people from all over the world to send a sonic valentine to Mother Earth.

People have known about the healing properties of sound for millennia, and modern research has confirmed the benefits of music therapy for mental and physical health. Music and certain sounds can help relieve stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, stimulate the brain activity, improve cognitive function, and can even reduce pain. Some sound healing specialists claim that any vocal sound can have healing properties, as long as it is produced with the intention of healing.

World Sound Healing Day was created in 2003 by the American author, Grammy-nominated musician and spiritual teacher Jonathan Goodman. He chose to celebrate the holiday on February 14 because Valentine’s Day is all about love, which includes not only romantic love but also other kinds of love such our love for Mother Earth. Goodman felt that February 14 would be the perfect day for people from all over the world to send a sonic valentine to the Earth and project the energy of compassion, harmony and peace.

According Goodman, the main purpose of World Sound Healing Day is to heal our planet by creating a shift in the Gaia Matrix – the planetary consciousness. When thousands of people around the globe create healing sounds to project the feelings of love and gratitude onto our Mother Earth, it has a powerful healing effect.

Early celebrations of World Sound Healing Day focused on intoning the sound “aj” for a few minutes around noon. Today, however, the organizers of the holiday suggest that you can make any sound, as long as it is filled with the energy of love, compassion and healing. It can be any vocal sound like “om” or “hum”, an instrument used for meditation and sound healing such as the signing bowl or the didgeridoo, any other musical instrument, a song, a poem, or even a silent sound. It is the intention behind the sound that matters and not the form.

Other ways to celebrate World Sound Healing Day include participating in one of the many events held by enthusiasts around the world (their list can be found at, learning more about sound healing and music therapy, sharing your favorite meditation playlists with your friends, picking up a musical instrument, and spreading the word about the holiday on social media with the hashtag #WorldSoundHealingDay because the more people join in, the greater the healing effect is going to be.

People who participate in World Sound Healing Day include Grammy-winning musicians and beginning performers, individual vocalists and vocal groups, spiritual teachers and Tibetan monks, peace activists, and conscious individuals, groups and organizations that care about our planet and world peace. Anyone is welcome to join and express their compassion, gratitude and love through sound at the same time as thousands of other people in their time zone.

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