World Cerebral Palsy Day Date in the current year: October 2, 2024

World Cerebral Palsy Day 17 million people across the world suffer from cerebral palsy, a lifelong lasting disability with no known cure. World Cerebral Palsy Day was created as a global project to change the world of people living with cerebral palsy. It's annually observed on the first Wednesday in October.

World Cerebral Palsy Day was launched by Cerebral Palsy Alliance (Australia) and United Cerebral Palsy (USA). The event was supported by over 270 cerebral palsy service organizations and hospitals from 46 countries. The event is more than just an awareness day. It aims at gathering the ideas from people suffering cerebral palsy or their relatives and supporters and make them come true.

The main theme of this event is express an idea via text or video, that would change, if invented, the world of people living with cerebral palsy. The idea wouldn't take longer than one minute to read or view. The best ideas are chosen and implemented into life for free.

Participation in World Cerebral Palsy Day is open to anyone. The campaign is supported only by the generosity of the Allergan Foundation.

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