International Customs Day Date in the current year: January 26, 2024

International Customs Day International Customs Day is observed on January 26 each year. It was introduced by the World Customs Organization (WCO) in 1983.

International Customs Day marks the anniversary of the formation of the Customs Co-operation Council (CCC), the forerunner of the WCO. The inaugural session of the CCC took place on January 26, 1953. The organization adopted its current name in 1994.

Originally the WCO had 17 members, as of 2015 it has a total of 179 members (sovereign states, customs territories and one customs union) representing about 98% of international trade. The organization's main mission is the enhancement of the effectiveness and efficiency of customs administrations throughout the world.

International Customs Day was first observed in 1983 to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the inaugural session of the CCC and has been held annually since then.

Every year, a theme or message is associated with International Customs Day. The themes include Environment (2009), Customs-Business Partnerships (2010), Knowledge (2011), Connectivity (2012), Innovation (2013), Communication (2014), Coordinated Border Management (2015). WCO members are encouraged to hold events to promote the theme.

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