International Day of Veterinary Medicine Date in the current year: December 9, 2024

International Day of Veterinary Medicine International Day of Veterinary Medicine, sometimes referred to as International Day for Veterinary Medicine, is celebrated annually on December 9. It was created to highlight the role of veterinary professionals in animal health and welfare.

The history of veterinary medicine dates back to the Neolithic period; there is archaeological evidence confirming that people were performing veterinary procedures like trepanation thousands of years before our era. The first mention of veterinary medicine can be found in the Kahun Medical Papyrus (Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt, 1991–1802 BC).

The establishment of veterinary medicine as a profession began in the late 16th century, following the publication of Carlo Ruini’s milestone book Anatomia del Cavallo (“Anatomy of the Horse”). The first veterinary college was established by French veterinary surgeon Claude Bourgelat in his hometown of Lyon in the early 1760s.

The scope of modern veterinary medicine is very wide. It covers all animal species, both domesticated and wild, and deals with the prevention, management, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide range of conditions that can affect animals. Veterinary physicians, also known as veterinary surgeons, veterinarians or simply vets, are the leading providers of veterinary care. They are aided by paraveterinary professionals, such as veterinary assistants, nurses, or technicians, as well as allied professionals such as farriers (specialists in taking care of horses’ hooves). Some vets specialize in veterinary research rather than treatment, although they can treat animals too if need arises.

The origins of International Day of Veterinary Medicine are not particularly clear, but it has been supported by various national and international veterinary organizations such as the American Veterinary Medical Association and the World Veterinary Association. It is celebrated by veterinarians and paraveterinary workers from all over the world.

How can you celebrate International Day of Veterinary Medicine? If you’re a pet owner, it is the perfect day to thank your veterinary doctor and his or her team for everything they’ve done for your pet. Send them a thank you note, a greeting card, a bouquet of flowers, or another token of appreciation to express your gratitude. If you haven’t taken your pet for its annual check-up yet, this is your cue to finally do it – and then you can congratulate your vet in person!

If you’ve been thinking about a career in veterinary medicine, spend the day researching about the profession to make an informed decision and start your career off the right foot. Working as a veterinary professional can be extremely rewarding but it is a challenging career choice, and you shouldn’t let these challenges take you off guard.

International Day of Veterinary Medicine should not be confused with World Veterinary Day, which is celebrated every last Saturday of April. The latter was established by the World Veterinary Association to promote the veterinary profession, unite veterinarians from around the globe, and highlight their important contribution to society.

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