International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day Date in the current year: November 1, 2024

International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day If you have your dog or cat groomed professionally, don’t forget to reach out to the person who does it on the first day of November and congratulate them on the occasion of their professional holiday, since November 1 is International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day.

Pet grooming is the practice of cleaning and taking hygienic care of a pet, typically a dog or a cat. It includes bathing, brushing or combing, trimming the coat, removing the undercoat, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and sometimes also dental hygiene and anal gland excretion. Some groomers provide additional services such as coloring pets’ fur or painting pets’ nails, although many pet owners and animal welfare activists find creative grooming services controversial.

You might say, “What’s so hard about bathing or brushing a dog? I can do it myself!” Maybe you can, but a professional groomer can do it so much better. Groomers are trained to work with different breeds and take into account the peculiarities of their coats while grooming them.

Some breeds shed more than others, and some do not shed at all; some have long fur and need to have it trimmed on a regular bases and some do not; some need to be brushed and some need to be combed; and some dog breeds, for example, the Komondor and the Puli, need to be corded, i.e. have their coat separated into dreadlocks. A professional groomer always knows what your pet needs and how to make it look and feel the best.

However, grooming is so much more than just taking care of a pet’s coat. Groomers are trained in CPR and first aid because they sometimes have to deal with animals in distress. They are taught how to safely handle pets and make them feel comfortable, how to communicate with pet owners and relay important information regarding their pets to them. There have been cases when a groomer noticed a small abnormality while taking care of a pet and referred their owner to a vet, ultimately contributing to saving the pet’s life.

To put it short, pet groomers are an essential part of the professional pet care community because they help to keep pets clean, happy, and healthy. They can work in various professional settings, including pet grooming salons, pet stores, kennels, and animal health clinics. Some pet groomers are self-employed.

International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day (IPGAD) was founded in 2019 by Krista Olsen, the then-owner of Tiny Tots Dog Grooming (closed in May 2022). She created the holiday to recognize the hard work of all people working in the pet grooming industry and to remind people about the importance of having their pets groomed.

How can you celebrate International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day? If you have a pet, reach out to your groomer to show your gratitude with a greeting card, a baked treat, or another token of appreciation. If you’ve been thinking about a career in the pet grooming industry, this is your sign to take the first step towards your dream. And, of course, don’t forget to spread the word about the holiday on social media using the hashtags #InternationalPetGroomerAppreciationDay and #IPGAD.

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