UnFreedom Day in South Africa Date in the current year: April 27, 2024

UnFreedom Day in South Africa UnFreedom Day is an unofficial observance in South Africa that coincides with the official holiday Freedom Day, which is celebrated on April 27.

Freedom Day celebrates the end of apartheid and the first South African general elections held with universal adult suffrage. UnFreedom Day, in its turn, was established to demonstrate that, despite all the democratic changes that have taken place, the poor are still not completely free in South Africa.

UnFreedom Day was started by a shack-dwellers movement known as Abahlali baseMjondolo in 2006. It is now celebrated by many communities and social movements as a day of education in which discussions, films and public performances play a significant role.

By celebrating UnFreedom day, members of poor and oppressed communities want to demonstrate that there is no equality in the South African society and the real freedom for everyone is still to be achieved. Shack-dwellers protest against eviction and lack of services, including basic sanitation. For them, UnFreedom Day is a day of mourning rather than celebration.

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