World Pharmacists Day Date in the current year: September 25, 2024

World Pharmacists Day World Pharmacists Day is a global professional holiday observed annually on September 25. It was created to celebrate about four million people working in the pharmaceutical field around the globe and highlight their contribution to global health.

A lot of people think that being a pharmacist is just standing behind the counter and selling people medicines. However, not all pharmacists work in pharmacy settings, and even when they do, being a pharmacist is so much more than counting and dispensing pills.

A pharmacist is a trained healthcare professional who deals with the preparation, properties, effects and proper use of medicines. Pharmacists can practice their profession in different settings. Most pharmacists work as community pharmacists (retail pharmacists) at pharmacies; it is community pharmacists who are healthcare professionals and retail workers at the same time. 

Hospital pharmacists work at hospitals where they advise patients on the proper use of medicines and their adverse effects. Pharmacists may also work in other settings that require their expertise, including academia, research, industry, wholesale, government, military, etc.

Pharmacists are an important link between patients and doctors. While it is doctors who prescribe medications, it is pharmacists who end up explaining dosages, side effects and interactions between different medications, recommend over-the-counter drugs to diagnosed and undiagnosed patients and refer patients to other healthcare professionals if necessary, provide advice and assistance, etc.

In order to become a practicing pharmacist in most countries, one must hold a university degree and obtain a license as required by law. Pharmacists are educated on a variety of subjects, including chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, physiology, and many more. 

World Pharmacists Day was established by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (Fédération Internationale Pharmaceutique, FIP), an international federation that unites national organizations representing pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. The date of the observance was chosen to commemorate the founding anniversary of FIP that was established on September 25, 1912.

The main goals of World Pharmacists Day are to highlight the positive impact of the profession on global health and to strengthen solidarity among pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists from all over the world. The day is marked by professional events (seminars, conferences, etc.) and awareness campaigns that aim to raise the profile of the profession.

On September 25, don’t forget to congratulate the pharmacists you know on their professional holiday and thank them for all the work they’re doing. If you’re a pharmacist yourself, don’t be shy to give a shout-out to your colleagues from all over the world and promote the holiday on social media using the hashtag #WorldPharmacistsDay. Another way to raise awareness is to add the World Pharmacists Day Twibbon to your social media profile picture.

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