Children's Day in Palestine Date in the current year: April 5, 2024

Children's Day in Palestine Chilren's Day is usually a jolly festival, dedicated to children. However, in Palestine this holiday doesn't celebrate childhood. This is rather a day highlighting the horrific treatment of Palestinian children by the occupying Israeli authorities. The event is annually observed on April 5.

The Palestinian children are subjected to abuse and horrific treatment by Israel's policy. Every year hundreds of children are arrested and detained, and this practice becomes common. Children, detained by Israel, are isolated, threatened and terrorized. They are forced to convince in crimes they never did. Little children suffer most the cruel treatment of Israeli government and many of them become traumatized by seeing their relatives killed or by the inhumane conditions they are kept in. These affects the children, some of them never recover and never forget.

Observance of Children's Day in Palestine helps attract international attention to the problems of children in occupied by Israel territories. Children's rights are violated and the UN's Declaration of the Rights of the Child is not a law any more for Israel.

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