International Grenache Day Date in the current year: September 20, 2024

International Grenache Day The third Friday of September is the perfect day to sit back and relax with a glass of delicious red or rosé wine because it is International Grenache Day. This holiday was created to celebrate one of the world’s most planted red wine grape varieties that grows on six of the seven continents.

Grenache, known as Garnacha in Spain, is a red wine grape variety that probably originated in the Spanish region of Aragon and spread to other regions of Spain there. The largest principal wine regions where Grenache is grown are southern France and Spain, but, as we’ve already mentioned, is one of the most widely planted red grape varieties in the entire world.

Grenache can be found in Italy, Israel, Algeria, Morocco, Cyprus, Greece, the United States (California), Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa, Australia, and other winemaking regions that have hot-dry climate that this grape requires to ripen properly.

Monovarietal red wines made from Grenache, which Spain is known for, usually have a high alcohol content (often at least 15–16% ABV) and a flavor profile with predominant red fruit notes (strawberry and raspberry) and subtle spicy notes (white pepper). As they age, they can develop more complex and intense notes: blackcurrants, black cherries, black olives, black pepper, coffee, gingerbread, honey, leather, spices, roasted nuts, and tar.

Monovarietal Grenache wines tend to lack acidity, tannins and color, and are highly prone to oxidation, so Grenache is often blended with other red grape varieties such as Carignan, Cinsaut, Mourvèdre, Syrah (Shiraz), and Tempranillo.

Grenache is also used to produce full bodied, fruity rosé wines (due to its pale coloring and thin skin), as well as fortified wines such as Banyuls, Maury, Rivesaltes, and Australian port-style wines (due to its high sugar levels). Rosé Grenache wines tend to have cream and strawberry notes, while fortified Grenache wines have coffee and nutty notes.

Grenache wines pair well with game meat, roasts, grilled meat or vegetables, stews and goulash, meat casseroles, mildly spicy dishes (especially those seasoned with allspice, cardamom, coriander, garam masala, or white pepper), grilled fatty fish (salmon, sea buss, tuna, trout), and goat cheeses.

The origins of many food and drink-inspired holidays are shrouded in mystery, but International Grenache Day isn’t one of them. This holiday was created in 2010 by the Grenache Association, an international organization that promotes Grenache, to boost the visibility and profile of Grenache, which receives less attention than many other red grape varieties despite being so widespread, and to celebrate all wines produced from it.

There are many ways to celebrate International Grenache Day. You can buy a bottle of Grenache and share it with someone you love to introduce them to this delicious wine, attend a wine tasting to compare different Grenache-based blends and vintages, book a tour to a vineyard that grows Grenache, attend a Grenache Day event near you or organize an event of your own, and spread the word on social media with the hashtag #GrenacheDay.

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