International Box Wine Day Date in the current year: September 9, 2024

International Box Wine Day Box wine, also known as boxed wine, cask wine or bag-in-box wine, is often frowned upon but it is not as bad as many people think it to be. In fact, bag in box packaging is much more cost-effective and sustainable than traditional bottles. International Box Wine Day, celebrated annually on September 9, was created to promote box wine and eliminate the stigma surrounding it.

Box wine is any wine packaged in a plastic pouch with a valve, which is placed inside a cardboard or fiberboard box. Bag-in-box packaging was invented and patented by Australian winemaker Thomas Angove. His original design consisted of a one-gallon pouch placed in a corrugated box. There was no valve; consumers were supposed to cut off the corner, pour the wine, and then reseal the corner using a special peg. A tap was added to the original design in 1967 by Charles Maplas.

From Australia, box wines eventually spread across the world. Since they are usually cheaper than bottled wines due to their lower production cost, a lot of people think that box wines are low-quality. In reality, however, box wines are no worse than bottled wines in the affordable price range, as long as we’re speaking about wines that are not intended for aging or cellaring.

Over the past couple of decades, even premium wineries have started selling their high-quality wines in boxes. It should be noted that premium box wines are usually sold in smaller sizes than mass market box wines, an equivalent of four bottles maximum.

Why are box wines becoming increasingly popular? Their price is not the only factor contributing to their growing popularity. Retailers love box wines because they are easier to transport and store; unlike glass bottles, boxes are not fragile.

Box wines are also more sustainable than bottled wines. It takes less energy to produce bag-in-box packaging than to produce a bottle, and cardboard or fiberboard boxes are easier to recycle than glass bottles. The plastic bladder is recyclable as well. Some brands of box wine produce their packaging using recycled cardboard and sustainable ink.

Another benefit of box wines compared to bottled wines is that they stay drinkable for longer. Once you’ve opened a bottle of wine, you need to consume it within several days or it will lose its flavor or even go sour. Box wines stay fresh for a about a month after the seal is broken because the valve, once closed, makes the bag airtight and provides reliable protection from oxidation.

International Box Wine Day was launched in 2021 by Wine Nook, a company that produces elegant wine dispensers for serving box wines and cocktails in style. The holiday was created to dispel the negativity around box wines and to promote Wine Nook’s products.

How to observe International Box Wine Day? Of course, by inviting your friends over to enjoy delicious box wine served with a charcuterie board. And don’t forget to spread the word about the holiday on social media using the hashtag #InternationalBoxWineDay to encourage others to celebrate and raise awareness of the sustainability of bag-in-box packaging.

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