Children's Day in Tunisia Date in the current year: January 11, 2024

Children's Day in Tunisia Children's Day is annually celebrated in Tunisia on January 11. This holiday was established to commemorate the adoption of Child Protection Code in 1995.

For many years rights of children were often neglected and violated in Tunisia. The 1990s brought great legislative changes, and they improved the status of children and women in the society. Children, as well as grownups, also have their rights, that can't be neglected or violated. Regarding this, Children's Day was established in Tunisia.

The UN Human Rights Committee approved the Tunisian achievements in favor of children and thus boosted another initiative – more attention to children with special needs and The Parliament for the Child, established on April 17, 2002. These are only few Tunisian initiatives relating children.

Different activities are organized on Children's Day to entertain children. For instance, many nursery schools and kindergartens throughout the country celebrate this holiday with face painting. This is a jolly event, but adults have to remember, that children are the future builders of the nation and developers of the world.

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