Global Garbage Man Day Date in the current year: June 17, 2024

Global Garbage Man Day Global Garbage Man Day is observed annually on June 17 to honor all men and women who help to keep our cities, towns and villages clean and safe. Although this job is often looked down upon, it is very important and someone’s gotta do it.

Garbage men and women, also known as trash men and women or waste collectors, are people responsible for collecting and disposing of municipal solid waste (or, to put it plainly, garbage) and recyclables from waste collection sites in residential, commercial and industrial areas. They can be employed by public or private enterprises.

Waste collecting is one of the oldest jobs in the world. The first known waste collectors appeared in Britain in the 14th century during the Black Plague. They were called “rakers” because they raked garbage on the streets onto a cart to dispose of it.

Although some of waste collectors’ work can be automated to make their job easier and protect them from exposure, their work is statistically one of the most dangerous jobs, sometimes even more dangerous than police work.

The job of waste collectors is physically demanding and exposes workers to different types of occupational hazards. They include, for example, syringes and other medical waste, broken glass and other sharp items, asbestos, caustic chemicals, inhaling dust, chemical fumes and smoke, infections, pests, dog attacks, heavy objects falling out of containers, foul smells, and harsh weather conditions.

The first celebration of Global Garbage Man Day, initially known as National Garbage Man Day, took place in 2011. It was launched by American entrepreneur John Arwood, the founder of JDA Company that specializes in waste management and portable sanitation. Arwood felt that waste collectors didn’t get enough credit for their hard work from the community at large and decided that they deserved a day that would highlight the importance of their job.

Garbage men and women help to keep our communities clean and safe while exposing themselves to unhealthy odors, chemicals, dangerous items and disease, as well as risking getting injured. However, they are severely underappreciated; their job is one of those jobs that go unnoticed until they are not done.

On Global Garbage Man Day, offer a world of thanks to waste collectors who work in your neighborhood and give them a shout-out on social media with the hashtag #GlobalGarbageManDay. And don’t forget to make their work easier every day by meeting waste collectors at the curb and giving them a helping hand when you need heavy items to be picked up, properly sorting your garbage, and participating in your local recycling programs.

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