Feast Day of Vincent Ferrer Date in the current year: April 5, 2024

Feast Day of Vincent Ferrer Saint Vincent Ferrer is venerated by the Catholic Church annually on April 5. He is patron saint of builders, construction workers, plumbers, fishermen and orphanages.

Vincent Ferrer was born to a noble family of Guillem Ferrer and Constança Miquel in Valencia. His birth is surrounded by legends. One of them says, that his mother never experienced pain while she was giving a birth to a child. Another says, that his father had a dream, where he was told that his son would be famous throughout the world.

St. Vincent Ferrer spend twenty-one years abroad: he traveled to England, Ireland, Scotland, Aragon and Castile (Spain), France, Switzerland and Italy. He converted many by preaching the Gospel. It's believed, that St. Vincent knew only Valencian, but he was endowed with the gift of tongues.

St. Vincent died on April 5, 1419 at the age of 69 in Brittany. He was buried at St. Peter's Cathedral, Vannes, France. Pope Calixtus III canonized Vincent Ferrer in 1455.

St. Vincent Ferrer is venerated in Spain as the patron of orphanages. A special festival annually takes place in Valencia. It's main event is a procession that carries a statue of St. Vincent Ferrer to the city cathedral. During the festival onlookers can watch recreations of Ferrer's miracles, performed by children. Numerous altars are erected across the city.

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