Labor Day in Christmas Island Date in the current year: March 18, 2024

Labor Day in Christmas Island On the third or fourth Monday in March, the citizens of Christmas Island observe Labor Day. It is an annual public holiday that celebrates the achievements of workers.

The Territory of Christmas Island is an external territory of Australia. As well as some other Australian territories and states, it has a public holiday dedicated to the labor movement and specifically the achievement of an eight-hour working day. The celebration is held on the fourth Monday in March, although in 2001 it was held on the first Monday in March instead.

Until 1987, phosphate mining had been the only significant economic activity on the island. The majority of its population were mine workers. In 1987, the mine was closed by the Australian government, but four years later it was reopened by a consortium. Nowadays, Christmas Island is also an important eco-tourism center. 63% of its territory are occupied by the National Park. Thus many islanders are engaged in recreation industry.

Labor Day is the holiday that honors all the islanders, who help the island develop and thrive by working hard in their chosen field, be it phosphate mining, recreation industry, or any other sphere.

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