International Biomedical Laboratory Science Day Date in the current year: April 15, 2024

International Biomedical Laboratory Science Day International Biomedical Laboratory Science Day, also known as BLS Day, is observed annually on April 15. Its main goal is to raise public awareness of and celebrate the key role of biomedical laboratory personnel in healthcare systems around the world.

Biomedical laboratory scientists, also known as medical laboratory scientists, clinical laboratory scientists or medical technologists, are professionals who analyze samples of blood and other body fluids (urine, saliva) and tissues in clinical laboratories. They make up the majority of lab personnel in medical hospitals.

Biomedical laboratory scientists are trained to perform a wide range of tests, including but not limited to full blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel (chemical screen), electrolyte panel, thyroid function test, renal function tests, liver function tests, lipid profile, coagulation profile, blood type, clinical urine tests, serological studies, semen analysis, and routine cultures.

Most biomedical laboratory scientists are skilled in all or most clinical laboratory areas. However, some have been additionally trained to perform complex analyses within a specific field, such as bacteriology, clinical biochemistry, coagulation, cytopathology, electron microscopy, genetics, histocompatibility, histopathology, hematology, immunology, immunohematology, in vitro fertilization, microbiology, mycology, parasitology, toxicology, and virology.

The work of biomedical laboratory scientists, who are responsible for handling patient samples and ensuring correct test results, is often crucial to diagnosis and treatment. According to statistics, about 70% of all medical decisions are based on the results of laboratory tests. Although they are often undervalued and underestimated, the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly demonstrated the importance of biomedical laboratory scientists for healthcare systems across the world and each individual patient.

International Biomedical Laboratory Science Day is a professional holiday celebrated by all biomedical laboratory scientists across the world. It was established by the International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science (IFBLS) in 1996 at its congress in Oslo. This awareness day aims to highlight a key role that biomedical laboratory scientists play in diagnosis, treatment, and research and development in healthcare and medical sciences, as well as to promote the profession.

Every year, the IFBLS Board of Directors selects a new theme for BLS Day. The theme is typically related to important health issues and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For example, the 2022 theme was “Testing Times — Biomedical Laboratory Scientists in the COVID-19 Pandemic”.

BLS Day is promoted and celebrated by international and national professional organizations across the world and marked by a wide range of professional events and activities that aim to educate the general public about the role of biomedical laboratory scientists and emphasize their vital role in medicine and public health.

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