Rama Navami Date in the current year: April 17, 2024

Rama Navami Rama Navami (also spelled Rama Nawami) is an annual Hindu festival that is observed on the ninth day of the month of Chaitra. It celebrates the birth of Rama, the seventh avatar of the Hindu deity Vishnu.

Vishnu is one of the three supreme gods of Hinduism. He has several avatars, i.e. deliberate descents to Earth in human form. One of these avatars is Rama, king of Ayodhya. Rama was born to King Dasharatha and Queen Kaysalya, the eldest of the king's three wives. Rama is pictured as the ideal man and the perfect human, and his life is the perfect example of adherence to dharma despite any obstacles.

The feast of Rama Navami marks the culmination of the nine-day festival known as Chaitra Navratri. It is celebrated with traditional prayers, community meals, chanting of mantras, offerings of flowers and fruits, street processions, and other rituals.

In some regions of India, this festival is also celebrated as the wedding anniversary of Rama and Sita, who is the avatar of Vishnu's wife Lakshmi. The celebrations include the symbolic wedding ceremonies held in temples.

Rama Navami is one of the most important festivals in Hinduism. It is designed as a public holiday in Nepal and some Indian states.

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