Border Guard Day in Georgia Date in the current year: March 21, 2024

Border Guard Day in Georgia Border Guard Day is an official professional holiday in Georgia celebrated annually on March 21. It honors the active personnel and veterans of the Border Police of Georgia.

The primary force responsible for guarding the 1839 km land border of Georgia is the Border Police of Georgia. It also functions as the country’s coast guard, patrolling Georgia’s 310 km coastline, as well as the country’s territorial waters in the Black Sea. However, the Border Police is not tasked with border control at checkpoints, which is the responsibility of the Patrol Police department.

The formation of the Border Police of Georgia was kicked off by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the resulting independence of Georgia. It was officially created in 1992 as a paramilitary unit subordinate to the Ministry of Defense of Georgia, comprised primarily of veterans of the Border troops of the State Security Committee (KGB) of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Two years later, it became an independent State Border Defense Department that had no ties to the Ministry of Defense. The Coast Guard Service and the Border Aviation Service were formed within the State Border Defense Department in 1998 and 1999, respectively. In 2004, the department began to report to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Two years later, it was formally reclassified as a special service and law enforcement agency.

The Border Police of Georgia serves to protect the state border of Georgia, the country’s territorial integrity, and the safety of its citizens and their property. It is tasked with preventing and exposing illegal acts at the state border and in the border area, the territorial waters of Georgia, and vessels under the country’s jurisdiction.

There are three departments in the Border Police of Georgia: the Land Border Defense Department, the Coast Guard, and the Special Aviation Main Office. The Land Border Defense Department is tasked with securing the country’s land borders with its neighboring states: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Turkey.

The Coast Guard of Georgia is the maritime arm of the Border Police tasked with the protection of the country’s coastline and territorial waters, as well as with marine search and rescue. It was created in 1998, as we’ve already mentioned above, and absorbed the Georgian Navy following the 2008 Russo-Georgian War, which resulted in the destruction of most of Georgia’s naval forces. Shortly after the war, the Coast Guard detained 23 cargo ships that tried to deliver goods to Abkhazia, violating Georgia’s ban on economic activity in Russian-occupied territories.

The Special Aviation Main Office is tasked with assisting the other two departments of the Border Police with personnel transportation and air surveillance. It also conducts search and rescue missions and provides disaster relief and first aid during times of natural disasters.

Border Guard Day is marked by special ceremonies where border guards who have distinguished themselves are presented with honorary awards to recognize their hard work and dedication.

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