Palm Sunday in Eastern Christianity Date in the current year: April 1, 2018

Palm Sunday in Eastern Christianity Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday. The feast exists both in Western and Eastern Christianity, but falls on different dates.

Palm Sunday, or the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem, is one of the Twelve Great Feasts of the liturgical year. The preparation to Palm Sunday begins the day before it, on Lazarus Saturday. Palm fronds are knotted into crosses in order to prepare for the procession on Sunday. The vestments and the hangings in the churches are changed to a festive color, that is gold in the Greek tradition and green in the Slavic tradition.

Many Eastern European countries use pussy willow instead of palm, since it doesn't grow there and not available so early. There are no strict canonical restrictions concerning branches, that is why any tree can be used for the holiday and many Christians use olive branches. No matter what kind of branches is used, they are blessed and distributed with candles either on Saturday night or on Sunday morning. The branches and candles are taken home and kept there in the icon corner.

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