Ascension Day in Eastern Christianity Date in the current year: June 13, 2024

Ascension Day in Eastern Christianity Eastern Christianity celebrates Ascension Day on the 40th day after Easter. The holiday

According to the New Testament, during 40 days after his resurrection, Jesus Christ was coming to the apostles and the disciples to tell them about the Kingdom of God. Later he gathered eleven apostles in Jerusalem and was taken up to Heaven. At the same time the apostles were promised Jesus' second coming, that would take place in the same manner as his ascension.

The Ascension is interpreted by Eastern Christianity as the culmination of the Mystery of the Incarnation. It marked both the completion of Jesus' physical presence among the apostles and unification of God and man.

The feast of Ascension features different traditions. For instance, women bake special pancakes and rye ladder-shaped bread. It's believed that this bread helps Jesus Christ go to Heaven. People decorate eggs, as on Easter. Many visit the graves of their ancestors.

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