Retail Employees’ Day Date in the current year: December 12, 2024

Retail Employees’ Day India and some other countries celebrate Retail Employees’ Day annually on December 12. The holiday was launched in 2011 by the Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India (TRRAIN) to bring retail employees into focus and thank them for their hard work.

The Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India is a non-governmental organization founded by B. S. Nagesh in 2011. It aims to provide employment in retail and to improve working conditions for retail employees. TRRAIN created Retail Employees’ Day with the support of the Retailers Association of India to highlight the contribution of retail employees to the economy and the importance of appreciating their hard work.

Retail Employees’ Day is a professional holiday for all people working in retail including sales associates, cashiers, floor managers, store managers, delivery couriers, visual merchandisers, buyers, stock clerks, inventory associates, retail warehouse workers, customer service representatives, etc. In short, it is celebrated by all people thanks to whom products get from the seller to the customer and who make the shopping process as smooth as possible.

For the first couple of years, Retail Employees’ Day was exclusively celebrated in its country of origin, but over time, the holiday has spread to other countries, such as Bangladesh, the Philippines, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. For example, in 2018, Retail Employees’ Day events were organized by over 800 brands and 72 malls across tree countries, engaging 6 million retail employees.

Retail Employees’ Day gained particular importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. On the one hand, the decrease in retail turnover due to the COVID restrictions has resulted in many people who used to work in shops selling non-essential items losing their jobs. On the other hand, there has been a surge in the demand for courier services and online retailers.

Due to this, Retail Employees’ Day participants use the holiday as a chance to raise awareness about the importance of supporting small and medium-sized retail businesses, as well as retail workers who have been left without a source of income due to the COVID restrictions. Retail Employees’ Day events also focus on the importance of improving the working conditions of those who expose themselves to the virus by selling and delivering food and essential supplies.

On the occasion of Retail Employees’ Day, participating shops, supermarkets, malls and retail chains hold various events to thank and reward their employees for their hard work and dedication, as well as to boost their motivation and team spirit. Celebration ideas proposed by TRRAIN include full day specials, sports events, free lunches, special discounts, parties, workshops, appreciation videos, social media campaigns, and more.

According to TRRAIN, Retail Employees’ Day makes retail employees feel recognized and valued, increases their loyalty to the employer, facilitates team bonding, improves productivity and team work, and encourages employees to perform better.

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