National Statistics Day in Indonesia Date in the current year: September 26, 2024

National Statistics Day in Indonesia National Statistics Day (Hari Statistik Nasional) is observed in Indonesia every September 26. It commemorates the founding of Statistics Indonesia. The holiday was established to raise public awareness of the importance of statistics and to encourage people to participate in statistical surveys.

Statistics of Indonesia, commonly referred to as BPS (Badan Pusat Statistik, literally Central Agency of Statistics), is a non-departmental government agency responsible for conducting statistical surveys and analyzing statistical data. Although it mainly responsible for providing data to the government, the data is also available to the general public.

The history of the state statistics agency of Indonesia dates back to the colonial times. In February 1920, the Director of Agriculture and Trade in the government of the Dutch East Indies established the Statistical Office based in the city of Bogor.

In March 1923, the Commission for Statistics was formed, consisting of representatives of each department of the government. Its main task was to coordinate statistical activities. In September 1924, the institution was renamed the Central Statistics Office (Centraal Kantoor voor de Statistiek, CKS) and moved to Jakarta.

CKS was disbanded following the Japanese occupation of Indonesia during World War II. The occupational government used the resources of CKS to create its own statistics agency, named Shomubu Chosasitsu Gunseikanbu. It focused on collecting statistical data for military purposes.

On September 26, 1960 the government of independent Indonesia promulgated the Law on Statistics, which replaced the 1934 Statistics Ordinance (Statistiek Ordonantie 1934) adopted by the colonial government of the Dutch East Indies. This date is considered the foundation day of BPS-Statistics Indonesia. In 1996, President Suharto declared it National Statistics Day.

BPS-Statistics Indonesia conducts statistical surveys, as well as collects and analyzes statistical data from other government departments. The data it collects includes statistics on the structure and growth of the national economy, social changes and development.

Every ten years, BPS-Statistics Indonesia conducts nationwide censuses: the population census in years ending with zero, the agricultural census in years ending with three, and the economic census in years ending with six. In between censuses, the agency conducts annual national and provincial surveys on socio-economic indicators, manufacturing enterprises, labor force, and population. BPS is also responsible for developing and implementing statistical survey standards, training statisticians, and international cooperation in the field of statistics.

On the occasion of National Statistics Day, BPS-Statistics Indonesia organizes festive events and activities in BPS headquarters, provincial and municipal offices to congratulate its 15,000 employees. These events can be both formal (flag raising ceremonies, seminars, conferences) and informal (sports and games, hikes, concerts, picnics, etc.).

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