Road Transport Workers’ Day in Tajikistan Date in the current year: July 25, 2024

Road Transport Workers’ Day in Tajikistan Road Transport Workers’ Day is an official professional holiday in Tajikistan. It is celebrated annually on July 25.

In the Soviet Union, there was a holiday named Motorist Day, celebrated annually on the last Sunday in October. It was established by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in 1976. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, some of the former Soviet republics continued to celebrate the holiday, some abolished it, and some moved it to a new date. In Tajikistan, for example, it was moved to July 25 and renamed Road Transport Workers’ Day.

Road transport plays a major role in the transport system of Tajikistan, accounting for more than 90% of passenger and over 80% of domestic freight traffic. This is due to the country’s geographical location and landscape. Mountains cover more than 90% of Tajikistan’s surface area, which makes it hard to develop the railroad system. In addition, the rivers of Tajikistan are not navigable due the mountainous terrain, so the county has no inland water transport.

The total length of roads in Tajikistan is 27,800 kilometers. Most of them were build during the Soviet Era, and during the first fifteen years of the country’s independence their condition left much to be desired due to the road construction industry being severely underfunded.

The situation began to change in the mid-2020s, largely due to foreign investments. For example, China invested approximately $720 million in road infrastructure improvements in Tajikistan. One of the first major road construction projects in the country was the Anzob Tunnel under the Hissar Range. Opened in 2006, it connected the northern and southern halves of the country.

Other major projects included the reconstruction of several highways, such as Dushanbe — Chanak (Uzbek border), Dushanbe — Kulma (Chinese border), and Kurgan-Tube — Panji Poyon (Afghan border); the construction of a number of tunnels, including Ozodi (opened in 2009), Shakhristan (opened in 2012) and Khatlon (opened in 2013); and the construction of a bridge across the Panj River to connect Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

According to Askar Rajabzoda, a specialist in the Land Transport Department of the Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan, almost 97% of vehicles registered in Tajikistan are used in the national economy, namely in freight and passenger transportation, including international routes.

So it is hard to deny that the road transport sector is one of the biggest employers in Tajikistan, therefore Road Transport Workers’ Day is one of the country’s most important professional holidays. By the way, the term “road transport workers” encompasses not only drivers, but also mechanics, road workers, logistics experts, bus station managers, and other specialists.

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