Theophany Date in the current year: January 6, 2018

Theophany January 6 is the festive day for the Eastern Orthodox Christian churches. This day Christians celebrate Theophany, that is on the Great Feasts of the liturgical year.

The celebration of Theophany differs from Epiphany that falls on the same day in Western Christianity. Theophany is marked by the Great Blessing of Waters that is normally done twice: on the eve and on the day of the feast. The first blessing is made inside the church and the second one takes place outdoors at a body of water. Blessing of Water is followed by the Divine Liturgy and clergy go in a procession with the cross (Crucession) to the nearest body of water. The ceremony ends with blessing of water. In Greece the blessing of water is made by casting the cross into the water and any number of volunteers swim to recover the cross.

It is not only water that is blessed on Theophany, but also the houses of the parishioners. The priest performs a short prayer service at each home and then goes through entire house, gardens and outside buildings to bless them with Theophany Water.

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