International Day of Persons with Disabilities Date in the current year: December 3, 2024

International Day of Persons with Disabilities International Day of Persons with Disabilities is an annual United Nations observance held on December 3. It was established by the General Assembly in 1992 as International Day of Disabled Persons and has been celebrated every year ever since.

The term “disability” refers to the consequence of an impairment that may be physical, sensory, emotional, mental, cognitive, developmental, or some combination of these. It is a complex phenomenon that has a significant impact on a person's life. People with disabilities are sometimes called the world's largest minority. 80 % of them live in developing countries and are often unable to participate fully in societal life.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities is aimed at raising awareness of disability issues and mobilizing support for the well-being, rights and dignity of persons with disabilities. It also draws attention to the importance of integrating persons with disabilities in every aspect of social, economic, political and cultural life.

Each year, the UN selects a new theme for the day that focuses on a particular disability issue, such as creation of an inclusive society or access to technology. Events and activities held on the occasion are organized by Member States, UN organizations, civil society, the private sector and others. The main event is held at UN headquarters.

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