Teachers’ Day in Syria Date in the current year: March 21, 2024

Teachers’ Day in Syria Teachers' Day is celebrated in many countries around the world to praise hard work of teachers. For instance, this holiday exists in Syria and it's annually celebrated on the third Thursday in March.

Teachers' Day is one of very important holidays in Syria, because teachers are responsible for intellectual growth of the nation. Senior officials are aware of it, that's why Teachers' Day is celebrated at the national level and annually President and First Lady of Syria hold a special event for the most distinguished Syrian teachers.

In March 2011 Syria sank into the civil war, that took life thousands of Syrian students and teachers. These people are commemorated by all teachers, who are not afraid to come to the festive ceremony in the capital of Syria. President and First Lady of Syria also praise the courage of the teachers, who work every day at Syrian schools despite the terrorist attacks. The terrorists on purpose target schools to prevent students from obtaining knowledge.

Local festive ceremonies are also organized to celebrate Teachers' Day at every school. This is not a day off, however, children prepare some special events for their teachers.

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