Computer Security Day Date in the current year: November 30, 2019

Computer Security Day Computer Security Day was started in 1988 to raise public awareness of computer related security issues. This observance annually falls on November 30 and it's very popular among some organizations.

Computer security specialists certainly remember about this observance, because today they have a great opportunity to remind about computer viruses, security in the Internet and importance of protecting personal data.

There are over 50 activities, that you can organize to celebrate Computer Security Day. They include the simplest measures, like installation of all security-related updates, backing-up you data and deleting all unneeded files. Even announcement of Computer Security Day would also help draw attention to the issues of the day.

Many organizations were involved in observation of this day, including Security Awareness Incorporated, Association for Computing Machinery, Native Intelligence, Inc etc. unfortunately, the official site of the project was updated for the last time in 2008, but still it's a good source for organization of different events. Maybe you can find an idea or an inspiration for celebration of Computer Security Day in your office or at home.

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