Defense Sports-Technical Organization Employee Day in Kyrgyzstan Date in the current year: November 24, 2024

Defense Sports-Technical Organization Employee Day in Kyrgyzstan Defense Sports-Technical Organization Employee Day is a Kyrgyzstani professional holiday celebrated on the last Sunday of November. It was established by the government of Kyrgyzstan in 1995 in order to highlight the organization’s contribution to the patriotic upbringing of youth and the training of specialists for the Armed Forces.

The Defense Sports-Technical Organization (OSTO) is the successor of DOSAAF, a Soviet paramilitary sports organization. The history of DOSAAF dates back to 1927, when its precursor, the OSOVIAKhIM, was established. OSOVIAKhIM stands for the “Union of Societies of Assistance to Defense and Aviation-Chemical Construction of the USSR”. The main goal of the OSOVIAKhIM was to prepare reserves for the armed forces. Gradually, it developed into a powerful paramilitary organization.

After the Second World War, the OSOAVIAKhIM was split into three separate organizations: DOSArm (the Voluntary Society of Assistance to the Army), DOSAv (the Voluntary Society of Assistance to the Aviation), and DOSFlot (the Voluntary Society of Assistance to the Navy). In 1951, they were merged to form a single society that was named DOSAAF (the Voluntary Society of Assistance to the Army, Aviation and Navy).

As was common in the Soviet Union, “voluntary” actually meant “partially obligatory”. For instance, most young people in the USSR were members of the Komsomol (the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League), and every member of the Komsomol was required to join DOSAAF. The organization focused on paramilitary training and sports, but ordinary sports were supported at its facilities, too.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, some of the former Soviet Republics preserved the organizarion but gave it a new name. For example, in Kyrgyzstan, DOSAAF was renamed the Defense Sports-Technical Organization (OSTO). According to the organization’s charter, one of its main goals is to support military and patriotic education.

OSTO has over twenty centers for patriotic and vocational education. One of its main activities is driving instruction; every year, OSTO trains 22 to 24 thousand drivers, which is 18–20% of the total number of drivers trained in Kyrgyzstan annually. OSTO’s driver training centers are considered among the best in the country. The organization also actively works with teenagers, preparing them for the draft (the Armed Forces of Kyrgyzstan are conscription based; the military age is 18).

Defense Sports-Technical Organization Employee Day is marked by various festive events held by OSTO throughout the country. The organization’s employees who’ve distinguished themselves receive special presents from their superiors.

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