State Security Employees Day in Moldova Date in the current year: September 9, 2024

State Security Employees Day in Moldova State Security Employees Day is a professional holiday in the Republic of Moldova. It is celebrated on September 9 to commemorate the foundation anniversary of the Ministry of National Security of Moldova.

The first security agency in Moldova was the Committee for State Security of the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic, also referred to as the CSS of Moldova or the KGB of the MSSR. Established in 1954, it was one of the fifteen republican branches of the main security agency for the Soviet Union, commonly known as the KGB.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Moldovan branch of the KGB was transformed into the Ministry of National Security of the Republic of Moldova. The Ministry was formally established on September 9, 1991 by President Mircea Snegur. The structure and basic functions of the Ministry of Natural Security were approved on September 16, and the Republic of Moldova Ministry of Natural Security Regulation was adopted on April 6, 1992.

On November 16, 1999, the ministry was reorganized into the Information and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova (Serviciul de Informații și Securitate al Republicii Moldova; SIS), which became the country’s principal intelligence agency. SIS is the uniformed security police responsible for conducting intelligence and law enforcement activities. The main tasks and competences of the service are outlined in the law adopted on December 23, 1999.

According to the SIS official website, its main mission is to protect fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as to promote democratic values and national interests of Moldova. Its employees gather information relevant to the country’s national security (intelligence), prevent risks, threats and challenges for the security, integrity, sovereignty and independence of Moldova (counterintelligence), and conduct strategic assessments of security environment on various levels (intelligence analysis). The activities of SIS also include ensuring informational security and international cooperation.

State Security Employees Day in Moldova was created in 1997 to commemorate the Ministry of National Security foundation anniversary. Its main task is to raise public awareness of the hard work and dedication of SIS employees, as well as to encourage bright young people to build a career in state security by entering the National Institute of Intelligence and Security that trains intelligence officers specializing in state security, intelligence and counterintelligence work, and operative investigation.

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