International Crochet Day Date in the current year: September 12, 2024

International Crochet Day International Crochet Day is an informal holiday celebrated by crochet enthusiasts around the world on September 12 every year. Although it is not some huge holiday everyone knows about, it is fairly popular in the arts and crafts community.

The history of crochet isn’t particularly long. Although there are really old pieces having a crocheted appearance, they were actually made with the fabric creation technique named nålebinding, which predates both knitting and crochet. Crochet is a fairly new technique that emerged in Europe during the 19th century. It differs from knitting in two key aspects: first, knitting requires needles, while crochet requires a hook; second, knitting keeps many stitches open at a time, while in crochet you need to complete a stitch before beginning the next one.

Interestingly, crochet quickly became popular in different social classes: poor women saw it a one more way to earn for a living, while for women from wealthy families, it was considered an appropriate pastime. During the Great Famine in Ireland, crochet lace work became a form of famine relief: impoverished workers began to produce crocheted lace, which people bought to keep them from starving. Even after the Great Famine was over, Irish lace remained popular in Europe and America until World War I.

Today, crochet is primarily a hobby, although some crochet enthusiasts make money by selling their crafts on Etsy, Instagram, or other platforms. Crochet is more popular than knitting because it is easier to learn and allows to create all kinds of things, not only clothes and accessories, but also various crafts and souvenirs.

Another great thing about crochet is that it has several health benefits! The constant repetition of hand movement associated with crochet has shown to keep the mind calm, distracting the brain from everyday stress and making it release serotonin, a hormone that regulates mood and emotions. Crocheting reduces stress and anxiety, as well as helps to relieve the symptoms of insomnia, depression, and even Alzheimer’s! It’s also considered a great hobby for children because it improves fine motor skills and teaches them to stay focused and multitask.

International Crochet Day was launched in 2007 by Jimbo, the author of the blog Jimbo’s Front Porch. He hand carved wood crochet hooks to raise money for a building project at his ranch, and he felt that the art of crochet deserved more appreciation. Since then, bloggers and crochet enthusiasts have spread the word, and International Crochet Day is now a fairly popular holiday among people who’re into arts and crafts.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate International Crochet Day. You can try a new pattern or learn a new technique, buy yourself a crochet-related present (for example, a new hook, some yarn, or subscription to a crochet magazine), share pictures of your works on social media, or take your crochet out in public to raise awareness of this amazing form of art and craft. And if you’ve always wanted to try crochet, but have never had the chance to, here it is, your chance!

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