National Guard Day in Kazakhstan Date in the current year: January 10, 2024

National Guard Day in Kazakhstan Kazakhstani servicemen who serve in the National Guard of Kazakhstan celebrate their professional holiday, National Guard Day (also known as the Day of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan), annually on January 10.

Although the National Guard of Kazakhstan in its present-day form was created in 2014, its foundation date is believed to be January 10, 1992. On this day, its precursor, the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, was formed by a presidential order. The main function of the Internal Troops was to ensure the security of individuals, society and the state, as well as to protect human and civil rights and freedoms.

On August 21, 2014, the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan were transformed into the National Guard of Kazakhstan. The National Guard is overseen by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, but is treated as a branch of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan in case of mobilization.

The main goals and functions of the National Guard are the same as those of the Internal Troops used to be, specifically law enforcement, riot control, and counter-terrorism efforts. In particular, it is responsible for ensuring the security of crucial state facilities and special cargo, escorting persons in custody and convicts, protecting public order (working together with other law enforcement agencies), preventing sabotage and terrorist attacks, participating in special operations to neutralize militant groups, organized criminal groups and armed criminals, and performing other tasks.

The National Guard of Kazakhstan is composed of the High Command and military units directly subordinate to it, four regional commands (based in Karaganda, Almaty, Oral and Oskemen), military police, the Birkit Special Operations Unit, the National Guard Aviation Unit, military civil defense unit, and other affiliated units. Future offices are trained at the Military Institute of the National Guard of Kazakhstan, founded in 1997 as the High Military College of the Internal Troops.

The emblem of the National Guard consists of the central element of the Kazakh flag (a golden sun above a soaring blue and golden eagle) and a dark red silhouette of a horse rider carrying a flag pole in his hands. Between the sun and the eagle, the words National Guard are written in Kazakh. In addition, various regiments of the National Guard have their own flags.

National Guard Day was established to highlight the importance of this military unit with law enforcement functions to ensuring safety of the people and protecting them from criminal or other illegal infringements, and to thank over 32,000 guardsmen for their selfless service.

Traditionally, guardsmen who have distinguished themselves are awarded decorations on occasion of their professional holiday. Another tradition of National Guard Day is the annual gala concert of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the National Guard and the Exemplary Band of the National Guard.

In addition to National Guard Day, Kazakhstan used to have Republican Guard Day, celebrated on March 16. However, it was replaced by a public holiday named the Defender of Fatherland Day because the Republican Guard was disbanded and replaced by the Special Forces of the State Security Service of Kazakhstan.

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