Lawyers’ Day in Odisha Date in the current year: April 28, 2024

Lawyers’ Day in Odisha Lawyers’ Day is a professional observance celebrated in the Indian state of Odisha (formerly known as Orissa) on April 28 each year. It was established to commemorate the birthday of Madhusudan Das, the first Odia lawyer, who was instrumental in the formation of Orissa Province.

Madhusudan Das was born in Cuttack district on April 28, 1848. Upon graduation from Cuttack High School, he was admitted to Calcutta University. Six years later, Madhusudan Das became the first Odia to receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He continued his studies to earn a Master of Arts Degree in 1873 and then a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1878, thus becoming a first Odia lawyer.

In 1881, Madhusudan Das returned to Orissa and opened a legal practice. His expertise allowed him to earn enough money so that he could afford to work pro bono, defending the interests of poor men who had no access to legal assistance. As a matter of fact, some of Madhusudan Das’s most famous cases were pro bono.

In addition to his legal practice, Madhusudan Das was a journalist, politician, and social reformer. As such, he is probably most famous as the founder of Utkal Sammilani, a social and cultural organization that strove for the unification of Orissa, as well as the social and industrial development of the region. In addition, he served on the legislative council of Bihar and Orissa and was appointed Provincial Minister of Local Self-Government.

Madhusudan Das was the first Odia to be elected to both a provincial legislative council and the Central Legislative Assembly of India. Besides, he founded several factories to bring in job opportunities to the province and improve the welfare of its residents. Madhusudan Das was also known as a writer and poet, the main theme of whose literary works was patriotism. He wrote in both Odia and English.

Madhusudan Das and his wife had no biological children, but they adopted two girls, each of whom became well-known in her own right: Sailabala Das was a famous educationalist, social worker and politician (Shailabala Women’s College in Cuttack is named after her), and Sudhansu Bala Hazra was India’s first female lawyer.

Madhusudan Das died on February 4, 1934, after a long illness. Two years after his death, Orissa became a separate province, which was his main goal when he founded Utkal Sammilani. Unfortunately, Madhusudan Das didn’t live to see the fruit of his labors, but the residents of Odisha are forever thankful to him.

Madhusudan Das is one of the most famous Odia. In his native state, he is often referred to as Kulabruddha (Great Old Man), Madhu Babu, or Utkala Gouraba (Pride of Utkal, Uktal being the historical name of the area). His birthday is celebrated in Odisha as Lawyers’ Day. On April 28, professional bar organizations across the state organize ceremonies, seminars, cultural shows, and other professional and cultural events honoring Madhusudan Das and all lawyers in Odisha.

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