World Television Day Date in the current year: November 21, 2024

World Television Day World Television Day is one of the UN international observances. It is celebrated by all member states on November 21.

The date of the celebration was chosen to commemorate the first World Television Forum, that was held on November 21-22, 1996. The leading and the most influential representatives of the mass media participated in the forum, that was organized by the UN. They gathered to discuss the increasing importance of the television in the modern world and the possible ways of strengthening their cooperation in this sphere.

The UN calls on member states to organize the appropriate events to celebrate this day. One of UN's proposition was exchanging the TV programs, dedicated to the problems of safety, peace, development and cultural education. Television shouldn't become the means of spreading of the inhumane materials, materials about intolerance and stereotypes. Television has a big potential role in sharpening the focus on many major issues, that is why initiation, as well as celebration of this day, is an important step towards its implementation.

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