National Radio Day in Thailand Date in the current year: February 25, 2024

National Radio Day in Thailand National Radio Day (Wan Witthayu Krachai Siang Haeng Chat) in Thailand is celebrated on February 25. It is considered the professional holiday for employees of all radio stations in the country.

The history of radio broadcasting in Thailand began in 1928, when the Minister of Commerce and Communications of Thailand initiated an experimental radio station that operated under the Department of Post and Telegraph. The next year, Thailand purchased a 2.5 kW transmitter from the Netherlands for 80,000 baht. It was installed in the Phya Thai Palace, which used to be a royal residence.

The opening ceremony of Thailand’s first state radio station broadcasting on short and medium frequencies took place on February 25, 1930. Such date was chosen to commemorate the coronation anniversary of King Prajadhipok (Rama VII). On this occasion, the king delivered a speech in the Royal Palace, which was broadcast to the Phya Thai Palace. This date is considered the birthday of Thai radio broadcasting and is celebrated as National Radio Day.

The subsequent development of radio broadcasting in Thailand was hindered by the 1932 revolution and World War II, but eventually new radio stations, both state and commercial, began to emerge. In 1939, the Department of Public Relations became responsible for radio broadcasting instead of the Department of Post and Telegraph. During World War II, radio began to play an important role in warning civilians about air raids and maintaining morale. Today, the history of Thai radio can be found in detail at the Broadcasting Museum Bangkok.

Today, Thailand’s public radio station is Radio Thailand, owned by the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand. It broadcasts in the FM (6 national and 65 provincial stations) and AM (4 national and 46 provincial stations) bands. Some Radio Thailand provincial stations can be received in neighboring countries, such as Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar.

Alongside local and national radio stations, Radio Thailand operates the official international broadcasting station of Thailand, named Radio Thailand World Service. In addition to Thai, it broadcasts in nine other languages: Burmese, Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Khmer, Lao, Malay, and Vietnamese.

National Radio Day in Thailand was established to highlight the important role of radio broadcasting in the country’s social, political and economic life. On this day, all employees of Thai radio stations are congratulated on their professional holiday and expressed gratitude for their work and dedication.

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