International Internet-Free Day Date in the current year: January 28, 2024

International Internet-Free Day It’s hard for a modern person to imagine their life without the Internet. We use it every day to find information, communicate and entertain ourselves. Without any doubt, the World Wide Web has made out lives so much easier, but have you ever thought that you rely on it too much and replace real-life communication with virtual one? To help you answer these questions, the creators of International Internet-Free Day suggest that you spend the last Sunday of January without using the Internet.

International Internet-Free Day was first celebrated on January 27, 2002. According to one version, it was initiated by the UK-based Institute for Social Inventions (now known as the Global Think Tank). Other sources claim that the observance was created by the non-commercial online project Be that as it may, International Internet-Free Day was definitely conceived in the UK.

The main goal of its creators was to encourage people to turn off their computers for at least a day in order to break out of the social isolation caused by the prevalence of online communication. Instead of messaging your friends and relatives, isn’t it better to meet them in person? Instead of spending the day binge-watching another meaningless TV show, isn’t it better to go to a concert, visit a museum or just take a walk in the fresh air?

Of course, back in 2002, when International Internet-Free Day was invented, much fewer people had access to the Internet, and it was much easier to do without the World Wide Web for a day or two because it wasn’t so all-pervading as it is today. These days, when a lot of people have smartphones with mobile Internet access, they use Internet literally for everything, from communicating with other people (using a messenger is so much cheaper than texting when you don’t have an unlimited texting plan) and shopping to checking the weather forecast and public transport schedules. Naturally, going without the Internet even for several hours, let alone the whole day, is much more difficult. But also much more useful!

Maybe you will find it hard not to use the Internet at all on International Internet-Free Day because of your job demands or for other objective reasons, but you can at least try to use it as little as possible. Skip the ritual of checking all the social media updates first thing in the morning, go to the movies instead of watching a film online, call your friend instead of messaging, leave your phone at home when you go for a walk and enjoy the scenery instead of catching Pokémon...

Absolutely any technology can do both good and harm. While acknowledging all the benefits of the Internet, it is important to keep in mind that an overabundance of information and tendency to escape into the virtual world from real problems won’t do you any good. That is why it is highly recommended that you give yourself a kind of “digital detox” at least once a year in order to take a break from the Internet and figure out whether you need it as much as you think.

In addition to International Internet-Free Day, there’s also World Day Without Wi-Fi designed to raise public awareness about the possible health risks of the wireless connection.

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