Global Leasing Day Date in the current year: November 9, 2024

Global Leasing Day On November 9, leasing industry professionals around the world celebrate Global Leasing Day. This professional day was created by AviaAM Leasing, a Lithuania-based aviation leasing company, and was therefore originally celebrated in the aviation industry.

To put it simply, a lease is a long-term arrangement in which one party (the lessee) regularly pays the other (the lessor) for the right to use an asset and usually has the right to eventually purchase said asset. Common assets that are leased include buildings, property, vehicles, business and industrial equipment. Areas where lease agreements are common include transport, trade, medicine, real estate and manufacturing.

Many companies and organizations lease certain types of equipment because it relieves them of the financial burden of buying the equipment. For example, airlines often lease aircraft to provide temporary increase in capacity during the high season, to initiate new routes, or to compensate for aircraft shortage during annual heavy maintenance checks.

Taking into account that aircraft leases are very common in the aviation industry, there is no wonder that Global Leasing Day was initiated by an aviation holding company. AviaAM Leasing specializes in regional and narrow-body aircraft acquisition, leasing and sales, engine leasing, asset management, and consulting services.

The company created Global Leasing Day in 2017 to unite leasing professionals from different countries, to raise global awareness of the financial leasing industry and the benefits of lease agreements, to celebrate and strengthen partnerships between industry leaders, and to emphasize the global impact of leasing.

What originated as a professional observance in the aviation industry has quickly transformed into a global event celebrated by thousands of leasing professionals around the world. It is one of the largest financial cross-industry social initiatives that unites representatives of leasing and brokerage companies, funds, banks, automotive and aviation companies, and other companies and organizations from all parts of the world.

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