Women's Entrepreneurship Day Date in the current year: November 19, 2024

Women's Entrepreneurship Day Women's Entrepreneurship Day is annually observed on November 19 since 2014. This international observance was inaugurated in New York City at the United Nations and additional events were held in 144 countries around the world.

Women's Entrepreneurship Day was started by Wendy Diamond, who volunteered with the Adelante Foundation to provide microcredits to low income women while in Honduras. After her coming back to the USA Diamond wanted to develop and create something helping this and other similar philanthropic issues.

The first celebration of this day took place on November 19, 2014 and it was highlighted by Fortune Magazine and Forbes Magazine. The inaugural event of the holiday also featured Women's Entrepreneurship Day Pioneer Awards. The awards were given to outstanding women, famous for their philanthropic work. Among the laureates was Sarah Obama, grandmother of President of the USA Barack Obama.

Additional events were held in other countries around the world. They included speeches from women entrepreneurs and discussion tables.

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