Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Date in the current year: February 3, 2024

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is an informal holiday celebrated on the first Saturday on February. It originated in the United States in the 1960s, but has since spread across the world.

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day was invented by Florence Rappaport, a mother of six from Rochester, New York. On a cold and snowy February morning, her youngest two kids were complaining that it was too cold to do anything outside. So she suggested that they have ice cream for breakfast to distract her kids from the cold and snowy weather. The following year, Florence's kinds reminded her of the day, and a new tradition began.

When siblings grew up and went to college, they threw parties and introduced Ice Bream for Breakfast Day to their friends. The tradition began to spread across America, and Florence's grandchildren who traveled extensively helped spread it across the world. Celebrations have been recorded in China, Germany, Honduras, Israel, Namibia, Nepal, and New Zealand.

In recent years, ice cream vendors around the United States have begun to use the holiday as a fundraising charity event. They encourage customers to have ice cream for breakfast on the first Saturday on February, and proceeds from ice cream sales are donated to various charity organizations.

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