World Pet Day Date in the current year: September 27, 2024

World Pet Day Pets, or companion animals, play a very important role in many people’s lives. Some people even regard them as family members. So it’s not surprising that many pet owners (or “guardians”) celebrate World Pet Day. This unofficial holiday has several possible dates, the most popular ones being September 27 and November 30.

The inaugural World Pet Day was observed on September 27. It was initiated by the non-profit organizations PVBLIC Foundation and +SocialGood in collaboration with Klooff, a social media website designed for sharing moments with pets. They created the holiday to celebrate all of the happiness that pets bring to their owners, as well as to raise awareness of animal abuse.

The organizers suggested that animal owners visit the World Pet Day website, take a selfie with their pets, share the resulting postcard online, and tag three friends, asking them to follow suit. In addition, all participants were encouraged to donate to the Humane Society International or other organizations dedicated to saving domesticated animals from cruelty and abuse.

Another World Pet Day is celebrated on November 30. There’s no information on who created it or why this exact date was chosen, but it seems to originate from the Russian-language segment of the Internet. Anyway, it’s really great that pet owners have more than one occasion to celebrate their animal companions.

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