National Security Officers Day in Turkmenistan Date in the current year: September 30, 2024

National Security Officers Day in Turkmenistan National Security Officers Day is an official professional holiday in Turkmenistan. It was established by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow in 2017. Like other professional days in Turkmenistan, it is not a non-working holiday unless it falls on a weekend.

Turkmenistan, formerly known as Turkmenia, is one of the world’s most isolated countries, therefore it is not surprising that the issues of national security are taken very seriously here. The basic principles of ensuring the security of individuals, society and the state in Turkmenistan are set out in the laws On National Security of Turkmenistan (adopted on May 4, 2013) and On National Security Bodies of Turkmenistan (adopted on March 31, 2012).

The state security bodies of Turkmenistan were established in order to ensure the security of the country’s citizens and society in general, as well as to protect state sovereignty, constitutional order, territorial integrity, and economic, scientific, technical and defense power in order to keep Turkmenistan safe.

The main national security agency in Turkmenistan is the Ministry for National Security. It was formed on September 30, 1991 and was composed largely of the remnants of the KGB (Committee for the State Security) left over after the dissolution of the USSR. The anniversary of its formation is now celebrated as National Security Officers Day.

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