Employee Day in Iran Date in the current year: August 26, 2024

Employee Day in Iran On August 26, which corresponds to the 4th of Shahrivar in the Iranian calendar, Iranians celebrate Employee Day. The holiday was initiated in 1981 by President of Iran Mohammad-Ali Rajai.

Mohammad-Ali Rajai was the second President of Iran from August 2 to 30, 1981. During his political career, he also served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Education, and Prime Minister. Rajai was one of the leaders of the Iranian Cultural Revolution, a movement intended to purge the academia of Iran of Western and other non-Islamic influences.

During his presidency that was cut short by the Prime Minister’s office bombing, Rajai established Employee Day to emphasize the importance of employees for the country’s economy and development. In a broad sense, an employee is a person working for a company, organization or community (in other words, a person hired by an employer to do a particular job). However, in the modern context, the term “employee” often applies to people who earn a salary doing an intellectual job, while people doing a physical job are called workers.

The main goal of Employee Day in Iran is to celebrate the economic and social significance of employees in a post-industrial world. Although it is not a public holiday, it is marked with special events, for example, concerts and award ceremonies.

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