Judicial Employees Day in Turkmenistan Date in the current year: July 5, 2024

Judicial Employees Day in Turkmenistan Judicial Employees Day is an official holiday celebrated in Turkmenistan on July 5. It is the professional holiday of all people who work in the country’s judicial system.

In October 2017, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow approved a new list of non-bank holidays and commemorations observed in Turkmenistan. The list contained a number of professional days, including the Day of Judicial Employees.

Judicial power in Turkmenistan is exercised by the Supreme Court and other courts provided for in the country’s legislation (courts of arbitration, commercial courts, regional (velayat) courts, district (etrap) courts, etc.). The Constitution of Turkmenistan forbids the creation of emergency courts and other institutions vested with the powers of the court.

The Supreme Court of Turkmenistan oversees all legal proceedings, including civil, administrative, arbitration, and criminal cases. It is the country’s highest judicial authority. The president of the Supreme Court is appointed by the president of Turkmenistan and approved by Assembly (Mejilis) of Turkmenistan. As of 2018, the President of the Supreme Court of Turkmenistan was Klychmurad Khallyev, former Deputy Minister of Justice and former director of the Democracy and Human Rights Institute.

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