National Guild Day in Iran Date in the current year: June 22, 2024

National Guild Day in Iran National Guild Day in Iran is an official professional holiday celebrated on June 22 (the 1st of Tir in the Iranian calendar, also known as the Solar Hijri calendar). It was established to emphasize the role of guilds in the country’s economic development and political life.

The activities of guilds, trade unions, and other trade and industry associations in the Islamic Republic of Iran are regulated by the Iranian Chamber of Guilds. The Chamber is an association of guilds that was formed to provide a single organization for managing the affairs of Iran’s numerous guilds, to establish state control over guilds, and to collect information and statistics of their activities. It represents the interests of the guilds and serves as a link between them and the authorities.

Guilds have long played an important role in Iran’s economy and political life. For example, the so-called Persian Tobacco Protest initiated by tobacco merchants and manufacturers against a tobacco concession granted by the Shah to Great Britain eventually led to the Persian Constitutional Revolution that resulted in the establishment of a parliament. So it is not surprising that the government of Iran pays much attention to its relations with guilds and trade unions.

National Guild Day was established to emphasize the importance of guilds in creating a competitive market and their impact on pricing and inflation, as well as their role in the country’s political life. On this day, various conferences and other events aimed to discuss important guild-related issues are held throughout the country.

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