World Science Day for Peace and Development Date in the current year: November 10, 2019

World Science Day for Peace and Development World Science Day for Peace and Development is a United Nations observance held on November 10. It was officially proclaimed by the UNESCO General Conference in 2001. This event focuses on demonstrating to the wider public why science is relevant for their daily lives.

In 1999, UNESCO and the International Council for Science organized the World Conference on Science in Budapest, Hungary. World Science Day for Peace and Development was inaugurated as follow-up in order to reaffirm the commitment to attaining the goals proclaimed during the Conference. The first celebration of the World Day of Science was held on November 10, 2002.

World Science Day aims to renew the commitment to science for peace and development. It also raises public awareness of the importance of the responsible use of science for the benefit of society and recognizes the contribution of scientists to sustainable development.

Events held on the occasion are organized by UNESCO Member States, international, national and non-governmental organizations, scientific institutions, research institutions, educational institutions, professional associations that represent scientists, science teachers, and the media.

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