Military Police Day in Indonesia Date in the current year: May 11, 2024

Military Police Day in Indonesia The Day of Military Police of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, also known as simply Military Police Day, is an official professional observance in Indonesia celebrated on May 11.

Military police are law enforcement agencies that are part of, or connected with, the military of the state. Their area of responsibility depends on the country’s legislation: military police can be responsible for policing military personnel, the civilian population, or both.

Indonesian Military Police Corps are part of the country’s armed forces. The free military police organizations in the Indonesian National Armed Forces are the Army Military Police, Naval Military Police, and Air Force Military Police. They are overseen by the Joint Service Military Police Command (Pusat Polisi Militer Tentara Nasional Indonesia, Puspom TNI) that was formed in May 2015.

The main task of the “Blue Berets” is law enforcement in the armed forces, including the investigation of crimes involving military or civilian personnel. Military police often conduct joint investigations with other law enforcement agencies, such as the Indonesian National Police and the Corruption Eradication Commission.

Indonesia’s military police units should not be confused with gendarmerie. Gendarmerie units are part of the armed forces with jurisdiction in civil law enforcement, where as the military police of Indonesia are responsible solely for law enforcement within the armed forces.

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